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We all get worried about other people’s thought about us when visiting a rehab. However, people’s opinions should be your last concern if you suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction, and you seek help.

Millions of persons have refused to get the addiction treatment they require due to the fear of losing their jobs or being criticized at work. Mostly, these fears are irrelevant. Most employers even prefer to help an employee visit rehab than hiring a replacement.

According to Tanya Desloover, a case manager and family therapy at The Rose said: “almost everyone praises an addict when they go into recovery because they know chasing a sober life isn’t an easy decision.” She further said, “give people a chance, and you will be astonished beyond imagination by their support.”

A lot of people who seek addiction treatments were able to keep their jobs; some even get better jobs that best suit their interests and talents. Contrarily, s study research revealed that alcohol or drug addicts are more likely to lose their jobs and become permanently unemployed. Tanya also warns that “Addict lose much more than their career when avoiding getting treatment. Your relationships and your life are at great risk.”

While the truth remains that failure to seek help from a drug rehab is even more damaging to your professional career, there are unique procedures to follow to protect your career while you seek recovery help. You need not worry about the staff at our Colorado treatment center; they are trained to protect all clients’ identity and reputation.

Keeping Rehab to Yourself

If your job is one in which drug use could easily ruin your reputation or your career, it’s better to seek help privately. Professions such as doctors and other medical-related professionals are bound to non-disclosure under HIPAA. It is a Family Medical Leave Act that allows medical professionals to take up to 90 days of non-disclosed medical leave. This vacation could be taken to attend rehab. Taking this vacation could be complicated but blesses you with the freedom of taking a lengthy work absence to visit a rehab and return to your career without informing anyone.

In such a situation, attending a rehab center far away from your resident or hometown remains the best option to avoid meeting anyone you know.

Choosing Outpatient Care

On the chance that it’s impossible to take four weeks leave or more from work, opting for an outpatient drug rehab would be a better idea. Outpatient rehabs allow you to continue attending to your daily activities at work and attend your daily and weekly therapy and counseling after or before work. It could be necessary for you to take one to two weeks’ work leave in-between to actively participate in an inpatient detox program, most importantly if you’ve been using drugs like opioids that have strong and dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

Outpatient rehab is known to be a likely alternative for inpatient care. Still, it may seem ineffective in patients with a long addiction history and relapse, heavy addicts, or people who reside and work in a hectic environment that frequently experience triggers for drug intake.

Visiting a rehabilitation center is a massive step toward recovery. Most importantly, there are several laid down laws to protect your career and job while seeking for help. To get more detailed information, contact Red Rock Recovery Center today. We are a Colorado treatment center, always happy and ready to render a cost-free and obligation-free consultation with any of our experts.