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A digital front door to your practice is much more than just a digital intake of patient data. Creating a true digital front door redefines how patients connect with their health care providers, as platforms like Amazon, Apple, and Facebook redefined social and commercial interactions. 

Qure4U’s innovative solutions bridge the gaps between patients and their healthcare providers. Qure4U’s robust digital front door improves your productivity by dramatically reducing workflow redundancies, manual data input, and paperwork while improving the accuracy and accessibility of the patient provided data, ultimately improving patients’ outcomes and satisfaction. The specific functions of a digital front door include:

Why should your organization invest in a digital front door?


Improves patient engagement

Implementing a digital front door not only will be good for your top line and bottom line, but it will enhance your patients' engagement by enabling them to be better involved in their entire care journey. This enhanced engagement improves patients’ adoption of your online and digital tools, including your patient portal, and will enhance patient outcomes.


Unified solutions

The digital front door empowers your organization with a complete, integrated set of smart digital tools your organization will need to provide care in-person and virtually. Each primary touchpoint of our virtual care platform fully integrates with your EHR and is HIPAA compliant.


Patient responsibility


Our solutions enable patients to reduce your staff work-load, as they are prompted by patient-facing applications to complete and sign forms, following pre- and post-procedure instructions, enter their medical history, and more. Allowing patients to do this work, which they are best suited to do, is the key to reducing staff work burden, improve workflows, and in-office efficiency. Expanding this digital front door will help you retain current patients and attract new patients.


Improved productivity

Automation and use of digital tools and data will optimize use of your resources and drive quality improvement and better financial performance. Automation and digitization remove undesirable and wasteful variation in administrative and clinical activities, enabling better quality and productivity.


Why do people choose Qure4U?

Powerful, market-leading features

Qure4U provides features and benefits that will enable you to retain and attract patients, maintain care volume amidst a shift to virtual visits, and enhance your revenue, efficiency, and clinician and staff satisfaction. 


Competitive pricing and scalable, integrated technology

Our Digital Front Door empowers providers with easy to use smart digital tools to improve overall care throughout the patient care journey. These tools can scale with your practice size and organizational model, generate an outstanding ROI, and integrate with your current EHR. 


Contact us today to schedule a strategic discussion or even a live demo to learn more about how our Complete Touchless Care Solution will benefit you and your patients.