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Vancouver is home to some of the most exceptional and innovative people in Canada, and Cranky Knot Wellness Centre is proud to call Vancouver home. We offer therapeutic relaxation massage services, and our RMT specialists are located conveniently here, in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. Just give us a call or stop in today to schedule your RMT appointment. We offer both ongoing and one-time relaxation massages that will reduce stress, make you feel better, and improve your overall health.

Coming in for your weekly massage will quickly become the much-anticipated high point of your week. Many people deny themselves RMT because they have the misconception that relaxation massage is just for relaxation. In other words, the view RMT as a luxury. Honestly, relaxation massage can be an invaluable tool to increase the quality of a person’s life. Let’s consider some of the ways RMT in downtown Vancouver help locals get the best out of life.

Relax and Relieve Stress with RMT

When asked why they receive relaxation massage therapy, most of our patients say they prefer RMT because of how well it relieves stress and anxiety and helps them to relax. Unfortunately, in today’s world, physicians and health care providers are often too eager to prescribe medication for any problem a person may have. At Cranky Knot, we provide natural and healthful alternatives to medicine.

One of the best natural ways to achieve a healthier lifestyle is through relaxation massage therapy. Even a single massage session can significantly lower your heart rate, cortisol levels, and insulin levels, which all help reduce daily stress.

With our RMT in downtown Vancouver, you can relax, reset, and repeat every week. Our relaxation massage therapy helps your body enter a relaxing “rest-and-recover” mode. Further, the effects of our RMT last long after the massage is over.

Post-Operation/Post-Injury Rehabilitation with RMT in Downtown Vancouver

Relaxation massage therapy helps your body pump more oxygen and nutrients into your tissues and vital organs. Rehabilitation can be a long and frustrating ordeal. An ongoing relaxation massage program can accelerate your recovery process and help you relax and stay motivated throughout your rehabilitation. Indeed, RMT is an excellent supplement to post-operation/post-injury rehabilitation. Get your RMT in downtown Vancouver at Cranky Knot Wellness Centre right away.

Stop Into Cranky Knot Wellness Centre Today

What are you waiting for? It’s time to give yourself that long-awaited relaxation massage you’ve been dreaming of. Of course, in addition to the benefits we’ve mentioned, there are many other benefits to being an RMT patient. For example, RMT has been shown to improve blood circulation, improve posture, lower blood pressure, improve flexibility, make breathing easier, relieve headaches and migraines, boost the immune system, and more. Stop depriving yourself. Stop into Cranky Knot Wellness Centre today for your RMT in downtown Vancouver.  See for yourself what the power of relaxation massage therapy can do for you.

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