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Find out how Radial Shockwave Therapy in Edmonton can relieve pain and inflammation when you schedule a visit to Glenora Chiropractic & Physical Therapy. Shockwave therapy is non-invasive and can provide relief from a number of medical conditions, including golfer’s elbow, heel spurs, chronic inflammation, and myofascial syndrome. Shockwave Therapy Edmonton

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Register for in-person or online Breathwork training with Jon Paul Crimi and become a Certified Breathwork Teacher. Benefits of certification are numerous, and include possessing a skill that is in high demand. Learn more about training sessions on Jon Paul's website or call 310-625-6751 to speak with a Breathwork specialist.

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Build muscle and reduce fat in easy 30-minute sessions without diet or exercise involved. Sky Balance Medical Spa can answer your questions about Emsculpt treatments when you call our office at 847-895-8180. If you’ve tried everything to lose stubborn fat without seeing positive results, you’re going to love what Emsculpt has to offer.

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The House of The Rising Son

147 El Levante
San Clemente

You want a non 12 step rehab in California to help you find your own path to recovery. the House of the Rising Son rehab knows there are many roads to lifelong recovery from addiction. Just because something works for one, doesn’t mean it will work for everyone; check out alternatives to the 12 steps at our treatment center.

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My Recovery Couch

Opiate recovery in Texas has never been easier or more affordable than it is right now. Through My Recovery Couch, you can sign up for online MAT and recover from addiction at your own pace from home. Payment is easy, too, since you can pay as you go on a weekly basis. Review the programs online to learn more.