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At Glenora Chiropractic & Physical Therapy, we help
design a care program for your age, condition and lifestyle.



We offer a variety of services to ensure optimal recovery
and prevent future injuries.

At Glenora Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Clinic, we work together with our patients to provide effective care

Our goal is to return patients to their optimal level of health and help them get back to an active lifestyle and the activities they love.

In addition to physiotherapy and chiropractic services, we offer leading-edge technologies such as radial shockwave therapy, spinal decompression, class 4 laser therapy as well as massage therapy and acupuncture.

Our clinic brings together a network of healthcare professionals who work together to help patients address and manage both acute injuries and chronic pain. Whether you are in pain from a recent car accident, recovering from surgery, or have experienced long-standing shoulder pain, Glenora Chiropractic and Physiotherapy can help you feel and move better.

With a one-to-one treatment model, we are able to provide our patients with the time needed to gain a comprehensive understanding of their problem and to work alongside them through recovery. We take time to make sure our patients understand why they are in pain and how our treatments can help. We also provide our patients with the tools and strategies they can use to better manage symptoms outside the clinic and in daily life.

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We direct bill

We provide direct billing to major health benefits companies such as Alberta Blue Cross, Sunlife, Green Shield, Great West Life and Standard Life.

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Health and wellness equipment

Whether you need a knee brace or custom foot orthotic, we are knowledgable in providing you with the most effective health and wellness equipment to keep you happy and healthy.

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No referral needed

As direct access practitioners, no physician referral is needed for our team to start helping you move better.