Chiropractic offers an effective form of therapy for the treatment of most injuries to your Nerves, Joints, Tendons, and Muscles (Neuromusculoskeletal System). We work with our patients to identify the trauma that has led to a specific injury, allowing us to plan effective treatment programs. We carefully evaluate every patient and use the body’s natural design to determine the best course of action.

Spinal/Joint Adjustments or Manipulation can be very effective in the treatment of injuries to your spine and other joints, however, the doctors at Glenora Chiropractic Clinic do not always adjust the spine or joints.

They may incorporate a variety of modalities such as:

  • Active Release Technique
  • Graston Techniques
  • Exercises and Stretches
  • Laser Therapy
  • Radial Shockwave Therapy
  • Kinesiotape
  • Motor Nerve Stimulation or TENs

These along with other recommendations may be administered with full consideration of your needs and concerns.

Whether you are interested in a continuing schedule of regular “maintenance” checkups and treatments or simply looking to get out of pain we can help. The Chiropractors at Glenora Chiropractic Clinic will design treatment plans (including healthy lifestyle habits, such as diet and exercise) that are specific to the needs of each patient’s age, condition and lifestyle.