Glenora Chiropractic Clinic is experienced at fitting custom-made and custom-fitted knee braces to help athletic injuries and conditions including osteoarthritis. We use Ossur products, which are respected as a leading brand in the industry. They are durable, comfortable, lightweight, and we ensure that they are expertly fitted to each person. Bracing is an effective method to relieve pain, improve mobility, and prevent further injury.

Our team is able to customize the brace to each patient’s leg size and shape, providing better results than using a brace bought off-the-shelf. This method allows for larger surface contact with a patient’s leg, giving a more intimate fit, improving function. Ossur braces often incorporate a silicone lining to reduce skin irritation and migration of the brace. We offer a pro-sport model of brace for athletes who are looking to protect their knees while staying active. For our patients who are suffering with arthritic knee pain (even “bone on bone” arthritis), our wide range of Unloader Knee Braces are great for improving function and reducing or eliminating your pain.

Our treatments include a patient assessment, expert fitting, and instructions on proper use of the brace at home. Our team often provides additional exercises/rehabilitation and continued support to ensure that patients are comfortable and see consistent improvement. We will also work to help ensure that these braces are covered fully or partially by your private health insurance.

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