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Psychology is the study of how we think, feel, and behave as well as the application of this knowledge.  Providing a meaningful, individualized, and personalized plan is an essential core value of the Glenora Clinic’s Psychological Services. People are unique and although symptoms (such as sadness) may be similar, the underlying source of the issue may not be the same as someone else.  Our focus is to build rapport and establish a collaborative relationship that explores challenges and concerns most relevant to you.

How it Works:

Step 1: Connection

Hearing and expressing an issue and having someone who is non-judgmental listen is a great first step.  We would also discuss any possible barriers to treatment you can predict as well as patterns you may have noticed along the way.

Step 2: Analysis

It is in this step that we gain information about key data points in your life to better understand your goals, uncover faulty logic, identify negative thought patterns and tap into strengths that may be underutilized.

Step 3: Interpretation Leading to Insight

In this phase, we collaboratively uncover and identify your unique patterns of behaviour, thoughts, and emotions.

Step 4: Reorientation and Re-education

Now that we have a mutual understanding of the challenge(s), we can begin applying interventions and further the change process.