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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Foot Orthotics: Your Local Chiropractor

In our daily lives, we have to walk to get from one place to the other. If you have poor posture or if your skeletal structure doesn’t properly support your weight, it can add a lot of stress to your knees, feet, hips, and lower back.

For this reason, it’s essential that you have a pair of shoes that support your weight properly as this will ensure that you can walk comfortably while maintaining the best overall health. This is where foot orthotics come in; these novel inventions help to support the structure of your feet and reduce the stress on other parts of your body.

While it’s true that orthotics can be extremely expensive, seeing as they have to be custom-fitted to your body specifically, we can assure you that they’re worth every dollar. With that said, here are three great benefits of foot orthotics:

1. Alleviate Chronic Pain

The first thing that foot orthotics help you with is reducing the pain in your body. When you walk with poor posture, you will eventually begin to notice some stiffness in your calves, knees, and feet. While it may not seem like the most significant issue initially, the severity of this condition will only worsen over the years, leading to a much more chronic problem.

Custom-made foot orthotics can help to correct your form and posture while allowing for the perfect weight distribution, reducing the pressure in your joints and muscles. The orthotics will eliminate the pain and the discomfort from your lower body immediately, making it perfect for treating conditions of the feet, legs, and lower back.

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2. Prevent Injury

While this may not sound relevant, foot orthotics can actually help to reduce the risk of injury from walking and running. Poor posture or bad weight distribution can lead to accumulative injuries, as the areas that are taking the stress from the movement may not be adequately supported.

For example, if your knees cave inward, your ACLs may be taking on more of a workload than they should be, which can lead to a tear in the future. Foot orthotics can help to prevent this from becoming an issue, as it will help correct your posture and stride, reducing the risk of chronic injuries.

3. Promote Perfect Posture and Movement

Not only does poor posture make you prone to injury, but it can harm the way you look as well. Sometimes, correcting poor posture may be fixed in an unexpected way, such as by adjusting the angle of your feet when you move. When your feet aren’t well-aligned, it may cause your entire skeletal structure to become crooked, which is an issue that many people have nowadays. We spend a lot of our time sitting down in a chair, which can lead to an alteration to our skeletal structure. Foot orthotics can help to correct poor posture caused by years of bad habits from the ground up, making it the best solution for these issues.

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