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7 Great Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy programs are designed to help patients who have sustained an injury or condition that may affect their mobility. The benefits of physical therapy programs are far reaching, including helping improve strength, flexibility, and range of motion, effectively helping patients to get back on their feet and enjoy a healthy life. The ability to move around is crucial for both our physical and mental health, as when you’re unable to go wherever you want to go, your quality of life will be negatively affected in more ways than one.


With that said, here are seven great benefits of physical therapy:


1. Reduce or Eliminate Pain

Severe, long term pain is a common symptom for those who have sustained major injuries. Oftentimes, this chronic pain continues to occur for years after the accident. Without treating the underlying cause of the condition, the pain may persist throughout the rest of your life. Physical therapy can help to alleviate and eventually eliminate chronic pain entirely, making it a more sustainable solution compared with taking medication for pain relief.


2. Offer an Alternative to Surgery

Major surgeries will require weeks, if not months for you to completely recover from it. On top of this, they can leave permanent marks on your body, which are not pretty to look at. If you can avoid surgery, you should take that chance every time. Physical therapy treatment offers an alternative to surgery, and it can help improve mobility and reduce pain caused by numerous chronic diseases.


3. Increase Joint Mobility

An injury can cause you to be bedridden as you are unable to move around. Physical therapy is a great way to restore proper mobility to your joints, so you can move around as you did before. You don’t want to end up not being able to walk around effectively, which is why you should turn to the help of an experienced physical therapist. What’s more, is that it can help with improved mobility for patients of any age group or fitness level, making it a viable treatment option for everyone.

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4. Recover from a Stroke

A stroke is a condition characterized by the blockage of the arteries leading to the brain which can be a lethal condition. Even if you’re able to recover from a stroke, there may be lingering effects from your brain being affected by the stroke. A physical therapist can help to restore some functionalities back to muscle groups that may be affected by the area of the brain that suffered a stroke.


5. Speed Up Recovery

If you lead an active lifestyle, an injury is often a fact of life. Some injuries may be more severe than others, which may require you to receive physical therapy to speed up the recovery process. The faster your injuries heal, the sooner you can get to enjoy what you love. If you have suffered from a sports injury, your physical therapist will use manual therapy and will work with you on therapeutic exercises and strengthening exercises to help speed recovery.


6. Increase Your Balance and Muscle Coordination

Physical therapies can help to increase balance and muscle coordination, helping one to avoid trips and prevent falls in the future. Falling at an old age can lead to severe consequences. In fact, they can be permanent ones that you may not be able to recover from, which is why it’s always better to take preventative measures.


7. Improve Circulation

While it may not seem to be related, physical therapy can help to reduce the risk of diabetes and vascular conditions, through general conditioning exercises. General conditioning exercises are able to help improve the functionality of the blood vessels, promoting healthy circulation.


Physical Therapy in Edmonton

In conclusion, there are some great health benefits of physical therapy that can help you improve your health and recover following an injury. If you’re looking for physical therapy in Edmonton, Alberta, Glenora Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Clinic is here to help.

Get in touch today for a physical therapy consultation! We provide physiotherapy and personalized treatment plans tailored to your age, condition, and lifestyle to help ensure optimal recovery.

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