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Back Pain – Edmonton

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Are you suffering from back pain? You are not alone and do not have to suffer alone or expose yourself to complicated surgeries and medicine. Back pain is a common health problem and a leading contributor to job-related disabilities. The many various back pains are treatable with multiple natural alternatives, which do not interfere with the natural function or introduce toxic chemicals.

Back pain in Edmonton therapy options

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Physical therapy

The best neck and back pain clinic in Edmonton AB offers physical therapy, which is also the most popular medical doctor’s recommendation. Back pain exercises are custom to your symptoms and have a routine that is tolerable to your health. Some common forms of physical therapy available at Glenora include the processes:

  • Testing your body to find its tolerance and threshold limit
  • Restraining your posture to give you the correct form so you can maintain the proper posture
  • Strengthening the core to decrease back pain and reintroduce motion patterns that strengthen your back, improve awareness and increase stability
  • Stretching the body to increase flexibility and increase overall mobility while reducing future disability problems.
  • Introducing aerobic exercises to stimulate nutrient absorption and blood flow, which will accelerate healing and reduce stiffness


Acupuncture is a gratifying process for both clients and us because we love to see our clients get a pain-free life to pursue an everyday life. This centuries’ ancient technique has a modern scientific explanation.

Acupuncture stimulates neurochemicals’ release like endorphins into the muscles, spinal cord, brain, and joints. Increasing and normalizing the production of these chemicals regulates the body to improve biochemical balance and energy. A more traditional science states that acupuncture clears blocks in the body to increase what we call Qi, or the life force energy.

Chiropractic care

Different chiropractic care treatments offer distinct advantages to the body. We will begin by examining your body motion, different kinds of movements, and imaging results to understand what you need in each treatment. The treatment involves adjusting the spine with manual, controlled, and forced motions that improve disc function. Back pain relief without surgery using spine manipulation reduces tightness by reducing nerve irritation and muscle tightness.

Massage therapy

The medical community does not accept many alternative treatments to be as competitive as mainstream medicine. Massage therapy is a well-accepted form that offers multiple health benefits. It is excellent for back pain with the following specific effects:

  • Relax the muscles to improve sleep and flexibility
  • Improving blood flow and circulation by adding nutrition to tissues
  • Improving endorphin levels to speed recovery, reduce pain and make it easy to manage depression and anxiety

Massage therapy is easily doable at home but best handled by a back pain clinic in Edmonton when you want fast and better results. The main types of massages available in our professional setting include the following:

  • Deep tissue massage, which relaxes connective tissues and deep muscles
  • Swedish massage for deep tissues with long emphasized motions
  • Sports massage to prevent sports-related injuries for athletes
  • Shiatsu massage is the application of rhythmic pressure to stimulate the natural healing ability.

The above are only a fraction of all our Edmonton pain and injury clinic treatments. Contact 780-453-1111 to learn more about all our services, including physiotherapy in Edmonton, and book your first appointment.

Back Pain Edmonton

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Glenora Chiropractic & Physiotherapy

11115 Groat Road NW

Edmonton AB T5M 4E3

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