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A car accident injury is not a misery anyone wants to survive. You suddenly transition from an average and energetic person looking forward to retirement in a couple of decades to a dependent adult who now faces reduced life expectancy and limited life enjoyment. The next phase of life becomes a constant battle in court and countless visits to a hospital, all to bring some normalcy to your life.

Common accident aftermath, whiplash, will cause devastating results on your body. Do you think you have whiplash in Edmonton? People with this condition often get it from a rear motor vehicle collision or a sports injury that causes pain in the neck and back. A vast majority of neck pain and whiplash lasts a couple of days, while the worst cases last up to a year. The bottom line is that whiplash is more common if you feel severe pain from the onset of the accident and experience neurological discomfort and pain.

Best whiplash treatment

Glenora does not advise clients to use pillows and collars before getting proper treatment – the collar causes immobility and makes the muscles and joints immobile. It is crucial to have a long-term recovery plan for whiplash to deal with the physical and biological, and mechanical injuries. Combining therapies penetrates the deepest layer of the spine and muscles to relieve pain and offer more than surface-level healing.

The purpose of a massage therapy whiplash solution is to regain motion to focus on stretching, moving, and rotation the spine back and forth. A spinal alignment realigns vertebras, restores discs, and brings back the body to the natural form. Eventually, you will have a thriving body-brain communication line that ensures long-term health without further manipulation. The specialized will usually include several different treatments, such as the following.

Types of whiplash treatment options

Spine manipulation

Our therapists use their professional knowledge and tools to make proper adjustments to the spine. We apply sudden thrusts to the affected areas and manipulate the tissues to reduce pain from joint and muscle dysfunction. The Edmonton whiplash doctor relieves spasms by applying pressure to various muscle groups and nerves, eventually realigning the back to the natural form.

Physical therapy

Exercise is an essential part of treating whiplash injury in Edmonton. The therapist does not throw together any exercise combination but considers your injuries to find what will treat your nerves and brains best. The comprehensive treatments are not usually as aggressive as standard gym workouts. You may get passive physical therapy with massages and electrotherapy or active physical therapy like bending and rotating your neck to improve circulation and adjust joints and muscles.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy relieves pain and improves blood flow to reduce inflammation. The IR lights accelerate the healing on a cellular level and restore normal cellular function. The laser rays enable us to treat more than the physical symptom, nurturing physiological peace of mind.

The above are only some of our whiplash treatments, among radiofrequency therapy, kinesiology therapy, and the Graston technique. Call our Whiplash injury clinic in Edmonton at 780-453-1111 to learn more about all treatment options and schedule an appointment.

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